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Life Sciences – the main focus of the SA CoE

1-3 Hour Talks/Presentations ⋅ 1-5 Day Programs & Courses ⋅ EXTRAORDINARY, POWERFUL, INFORMATIVE

Why Life Sciences are so Important

One of the main reasons why the human-animal feels disconnected, isolated, and lost in a seemingly hostile world, is to a large extent the result of us severing our connection with nature, hence, spirit, and all other living creatures, including ourselves. This connection serves as our internal guidance system – without it, we are lost in many ways.

To truly UNDERSTAND our universe, our planet, our environment with its amazing biodiversity, and our own inseparable connection & inter-relationship with it all – we need holistic information and a receptive mind. Only then will we be able to make sense of it all and enjoy a truly quality life experience.

Talks & Presentations

1 – 3 Hour POWERFUL & inspirational Talks or Presentations by one of our skilled & experienced experts.


1 – 3 Day Programs & Courses

Extraordinary, Powerful, Inspirational, and totally unique Life Science Programs, Courses, and Workshops.


Programs, Courses, Workshops, Talks, and more …

Focusing on life sciences, innovation, and technology, programs are designed for a wide range of students – from primary and secondary school learners to scientists in academia and industry, as well as the general public. Engaged participation is emphasized in all our lectures and practical experiences with many activities that are hands-on and/or laboratory-based.

The SA CoE is pleased to also offer various programs and courses for tertiary or university students, post-graduate students, educators/lecturers, as well as for scientific and other staff employed in industry and the larger corporate sector.

Recognizing that many children often disassociate from science at a young age, we support the development and implementation of programs that include professional talks/lectures as well as practical demonstrations and hands-on experiences. The process of Innovation as well as Leadership development and career exploration are also an integral part of our programs and other offerings.

Since we also focus on capacity development of people, the process of Innovation (imagination, creativity, consciousness awareness, etc.) as well as Leadership Development and Career Exploration are integral parts of our educational programs and other offerings.

The “human world” is daily being build by PEOPLE – the foundation of every community, institution, organisation, and corporate company and as such PEOPLE need to be equipped to survive, adapt, and thrive in a fast-changing world … view options 
Our living world provides all of us with the best examples and success stories of what it takes to be a successful living being and an excellent leader in our modern “wild world”. Great leaders are a magnet for top talent and create a culture of excellence and continued top performance. 

Our experienced team is excited to meet you and share this knowledge with you, your learners, students, educators, and present or potential leaders … CONTACT US

Venue information for Life Science Events

Talks/Presentations can be presented either at YOUR venue/location or at any of our Host venues/facilities. 1-3 Day programs are presented mainly at one of our Host Facilities to ensure the best experience for all attending.