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Human-Nature Connection & Entanglement expressed through Art


SA CoE Project & Exhibition:
Human-Nature Connection & Entanglement Expressed through ART

One of the main reasons why the human-animal feels disconnected, isolated, and lost in a seemingly hostile world, is to a large extent the result of us severing our connection with nature, hence, spirit, and all other living creatures, including ourselves. This connection serves as our internal guidance system – without it, we are lost in many ways.

With this project, we want to explore relationships of human society to the planetary environment and to the larger dimension of time and space, hence our theme is: Human-Nature Connection and Entanglement expressed through Art.

Building the pathway between great science, creative ideas, and innovation requires imagination – and with this project, we want to provide a creative and inspirational opportunity and platform for a free flow of imagination, creativity, and innovation.

The aim is also to provide an opportunity to rediscover and reconnect with nature, the universe, and ourselves, to reconsider values and perspectives, and to have an amazing human-nature connectedness experience in the process.

Categories for participation, include:

  • Visual Arts
  • Digital Art
  • AudioVisual Art (video, sound, light, music)
  • Photography
  • Performing Arts (incl. Performance Art)
  • Literature
  • Multi- and/or Mixed Media

Criteria that will be used, includes among other:

  • Interpretation of the Project Theme
  • Originality & Creativity
  • Artistic & Emotional impact
  • Quality & Artistic Skill

Participation in The Project

Individuals, educational/academic institutions, and members of the corporate sector are invited to enter and participate in the project as described above.
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The Exhibition

An official exhibition of all entries will be held at one (or more) of our approved Host facilities and we plan to make this an exceptional event where artists and participants will receive the appropriate acknowledgement and more.
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Project & EXPO Venue information

Project presentations and/or exhibition can be presented either at YOUR venue/location or at any of our Host venues/facilities. The final Project EXPO will be hosted at one of our Host Facilities to ensure the best experience for all attending.