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SA Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences, Innovation, & Technology



The SA Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology (SA CoE-LSIT) is a WEF (wild.org.za) initiative in collaboration with various professional experts, institutions, organisations, and the corporate sector with the aim to provide educational opportunities to support capacity building and a holistic scientific understanding.

As our panel of experts and contributors keep on expanding, we are grateful to say that so does the expertise, programs, and courses that the SA CoE is able to offer.

SA Centre of Excellence

To provide Educational Opportunities to support Capacity Building and a Holistic Scientific Understanding of our existence, universe, and our entanglement with our living world and beyond.

SA Centre of Excellence

Contributors, Experts, & Advisors

Wildlife Education Foundation

Conservation through Education

The WEF is a registered South African NPO & PBO since 2010, focusing on Wildlife Conservation through Education.

UMBULI Productions


Professional media productions: video, animation, special effects, graphic design for print & video, marketing material, branding, and more.

Dr Madelein J Grundlingh

Research & Education

Professional Zoologist/Biologist, experienced educationist, lecturer, published author, artist, graphic & special effects designer, and more.

Dr Zoë Glyphis

Wildlife & Veterinary Science

SA wildlife veterinarian specialising in conservation medicine and wildlife immobilization, African bigcats and rhinos with a special interest in wildlife management and education. Former vet from Saving the Survivors, a rhino rescue veterinarian project.

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Quantum Biology

More info will be added soon.

LESELI Experience

Human-Nature Connection

The LESELI Experience follows a holistic approach to illuminate the Human-Nature Connection & Entaglement.

UCC & Biobank

Research & Education

The UCC & Biobank is an independent Research and Conservation facility, specializing in wildlife/mammal Research and Predator Conservation. The UCC also includes a Genetic Bio-Bank for Endangered Wildlife Species.

Maritza Wild

AudioVisual, Media, Art & Music

Professionally qualified & experienced audiovisual media production expert (video, edit, graphics, etc.), artist and musician.

Bonnie Prinsloo

Science & Mathematics Education

Highly skilled & experienced educator, specialising in Science and Mathematics with extraordinary leadership and innovation skills and experience. In addition, Bonnie has a special love and aptitude for literature, art and crafts.

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More info will be added soon.

3F Scientic (Pty) Ltd


Specialised BioTechnology company, focussing on the supply of laboratory equipment and technical support.

Natercia Fernandes

BioTechnology, MedTechnology

Skilled & Experienced BioTechnologist with a strong background in Medical Technology, especially Haematology. Natercia has extensive knowledge & experience in various fields of lab-based Biotechnology and the latest technical trends in these fields.

Dr Carin Boshoff

Biomedical, Virology

HOD of Biomedical Sciences, & senior lecturer in Veterinary Technology at Tshwane University of Technology. Expertise in the fields of molecular biology, virology and serology.

Prof. Ché Weldon


 Zoology, Amphibian conservation, pathogen biology and ecology. Conservation medicine research relating to amphibians and reptiles in Africa and Madagascar.

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SA Centre of Excellence


Life Sciences

It encompasses any and all scientific study fields of life, ranging from understanding the gene to quantum biology, managing ecosystems, and biotechnology.

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A Holistic & Fresh Perspective on what already Exists. Imagination is the starting point for innovation & our holistic approach inspires new thinking patterns, unlimited imagination, and innovation.

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It is the application of knowledge to achieve practical goals in a reproducible way. The word technology can also mean the products resulting from such efforts …

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The SA Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology (CoE-LSIT) is a WEF (wild.org.za) initiative in collaboration with various professional experts, institutions, organisations, and the corporate sector with the aim of providing educational opportunities to support a holistic and scientific understanding of our existence, universe, and entanglement with it all.
This not only contributes toward capacity building and continued scientific knowledge development, but also encourages increased consciousness awareness and a greater understanding of the creative process – with emphasis on Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology.

SA Centre of Excellence