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Providing Educational Opportunities to support Capacity Building and a Holistic Scientific Understanding

Who we are and What we do …

The SA Centre of Excellence in Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology (SA CoE-LSIT) is a WEF (wild.org.za) initiative in collaboration with various professional experts, institutions, organisations, and the corporate sector with the aim to provide educational opportunities to support capacity building and a holistic and scientific understanding of our existence, universe, and entanglement with it all.

This not only contributes to continued scientific knowledge development and success but also encourages consciousness awareness and a greater understanding of the creative process – with emphasis on Life Sciences, Innovation, and Technology.

As such, the CoE-LSIT contributes towards the success of today and tomorrow’s leaders, the Life Science industry, and related advances in Technology (especially Biotechnology).

It is the first project of its kind, aimed specifically at capacity building and a holistic scientific understanding – focusing not only on educational institutions, including students and educators but also on the corporate sector and the general public at large.

It encompasses any and all scientific study fields of life, ranging from understanding the gene to quantum biology, managing ecosystems, and biotechnology … MORE

The successful implementation of creative ideas that is perceived as new by an individual or other unit of adoption … MORE

It is the application of knowledge to achieve practical goals in a reproducible way. The word technology can also mean the products resulting from such efforts … MORE

Programs, Courses, Workshops, Talks, and more …

Focusing on life sciences, innovation, and technology, programs are designed for a wide range of students – from primary and secondary school learners to scientists in academia and industry, as well as the general public. Engaged participation is emphasized in all our lectures and practical experiences with many activities that are hands-on and/or laboratory-based.

The SA CoE-LSIT is pleased to also offer various programs and courses for not only school learners but also for college and university students, graduate students, postdoctoral candidates, staff and faculty, as well as for scientific personnel employed in industry and the larger corporate sector … view more

Recognizing that many children often disassociate from science at a young age, we support the development and implementation of programs that include professional talks/lectures as well as practical demonstrations and hands-on experiences. Leadership development and career exploration are also integral to our programs and other offerings.

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Download an overview of current presentations, programs, and courses …


“Excellence is an attitude of excelling and mediocrity is never an option”


Professional venue, research laboratory, event facility, etc.


Skills, experience, knowledge, equipment / Sponsorships


Educational institutions, organisations, students, educators, etc.


in Life Sciences, Innovation, & Technology (LSIT)

SA Centre of Excellence in LSIT has unique options available for individuals, students, educators, educational institutions and organisations, as well as the corporates sector to join, affiliate, contribute, and/or support the SA CoE.
SA Centre of Excellence in LSIT not only maintains the highest standards in what we offer, but also initiate and support quality improvement in education towards a holistic scientific understanding of our existence, universe, and beyond.
Affiliation with the Sa CoE requires compliance with our Code of Conduct and any other criteria, including attending events and/or participating in SA Centre of Excellence programs and projects.

SA Centre of Excellence